The Hampshire Constabulary History Society was formed in 1986

Its aim is to foster interest in the history of the force and the old City and Borough Police Forces that once existed in the two counties

The aims and objectives of this society are:

To develop interest in items of equipment, records and photographs, including uniform and accouterments.

The items on view are only a small part of a much larger reserve collection of memorabilia and artefacts.

We now hope that in time some of these items can be displayed here.  There are 91 pages to view



A New Hampshire Police History Museum will shortly be opening to the public

In conjunction with

Solent Sky Museum at their extensive site in Southampton


Hampshire Fire & Rescue Museum

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Please visit this site for details of opening and location


The new Museum official opening will be on

Wednesday 12th July 2017


Solent Sky Museum in Southampton.


2016. Former police officer, Gladys Howard age 100, with Chief Constable. Mrs Olivia Pinkney


New Book 2016


By Clifford Williams

ISBN 978-0-9568508-1-2

Further information on date of publication email;



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2016 Part of a new memorial at Netley Support HQ, provided by the Police Federation,

to police officers in Hampshire area who died on duty.


Updated report from Steve Woodward on, ‘Restoring the Volvo Amazon’


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Volvo Amazon Restoration Project


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JUNE 2016



to be published this year 2016

101 years of women policing Hampshire and the Isle of Wight 

by Clifford Williams (Police History Society)

with a


 Book WPC

Published by the Hampshire Constabulary History Society, Netley, Southampton

ISBN 978-0-9568508-1-2

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Mounted officer

Mounted officer


4th April, 2016, new Chief Constable is Olivia Pinkney


“The Long Short Walk” by Steve Woodward Diary of a Traffic Police Family Liaison Officer

More details;

TO PURCHASE -Shield Crest Publishers

You may recognise the author because he was one of the stars of the BBC TV series Traffic Cops. Two of the cases he highlights within this book were also featured in that series.


New Research

Kelvin Shipp and I are researching the lives of over a hundred
members of the Hampshire Constabulary and its constituent forces who
died during the two World Wars, the aim is to produce a memorial book
dedicated to those men who died in the service of their country, with a
page or two biography dedicated to each casualty.

The parameters we are working to are; any member of the Hampshire,
Portsmouth, Southampton, Isle of Wight or Winchester Police who died as
a direct or indirect result of hostilities between 1914/19 and
1939/45.  This will primarily be those who served in the armed forces
and were killed in action or died of wounds, but also includes Police
Officers killed in air raids or as a result of traffic collisions
during the black out etc.

The project takes into account members of the Special Constabulary, the
Police War Reserve and also those Officers from other Police Forces on
secondment who died as a result of service the community of Hampshire.

I am in the process of obtaining military and Police Service records
but in order to give the biographies a more personal touch I a seeking
contact from relatives, old comrades and friends who recall those who
gave their lives in the hope that they can provide an insight into the
man behind the uniform.

I can be contacted by e-mail at ddcol@tiscali.co.uk


New Forest Show 1970 Women Police Section

1970 New Milton show

The first women police in Hampshire were appointed in Southampton in 1915.

To mark 100 years of women police officers in Hampshire , The Constabulary History Society plan to publish a brief illustrated history book showing the changing role of women in the police over the last 100 years.

Author Clifford Williams (retired Chief Inspector) is collating photographs, information and recollections for the book.

Have you got any images and recollections you could share with him?

Please e mail any suitable images (that you are happy for us to publish) to


 Clifford Williams,
Force Historian, Police Station,
South St.,
Andover SP10 2ED.

Digital images need to be at least 1MB in size.


Missing War Memorial O/S West Hill PHQ

World War 1 Memorial Pillars to Honour police officers who served in the armed forces and never returned.

They were, until 1960s,  outside the old HQ at West Hill, Winchester

Full details here


Original Southampton Bargate police station before the move to Civic Centre.

Bargate southampton polcie



The Society are pleased to announce the publication of the latest, in a series of books by local author and society member, Jim BROWN


“A County Borough Copper in the 50’s and 60’s

ISBN 9781780913308  Price  £12.99 DB Publishing

Jim Brown joined Southampton County Borough Police in 1952 and served as a beat officer, police motor cyclist, detective and one of the first scenes of crime officers. He has given an accurate factual account, warts and all, of how Southampton was policed in the 1950’60s. The behaviour of officers in this period, both supervising and subordinate, reflected the age.


City says farewell to policeman who was a Blitz hero

(Click link above to view report in The News, Portsmouth)

PC Evans

Full story – PC Goronwy EVANS  GM

Portsmouth City Police


New Book – December 2012

Southampton Murder Victims Vol. II

Author: Jim Brown


Southampton Murders Vol. 2. (click to enlarge)

ISBN 978 1-7809 1-085-7

This book is a sequel to Southampton Murder Victims, produced in 2010 by DB Publishing and the present book is a joint publication with DB Publishing and the Hampshire Constabulary History Society. The former book explained, in some depth, the various amendments to the original mandatory death penalty for murder; the stages of penal servitude that were  imposed, until abolished in 1948; an explanation of the former Assize Court system, and the establishment of the Crown Courts that replaced them in 1972.


By the same author;

Local author James Brown, book on Amazon UK  Kindle; “Policing Southampton in the 1950s”


New Book – 2012 

Published by the Hampshire Constabulary History Society

ISBN 978-0-9568 508-0-5 

Over 100 pages 26 illustrations- most never published before 

£10 (plus £2 p and p) 

Available by post (add £2 pp).
Force Historian C Williams, Police Stn., South St., Andover SP10 2ED (Cheque payable to Hampshire Constabulary History Society).’
Currently for sale: Shirley, Fleet, Farnborough, Cowes, Yarmouth, Hayling Is, Eastleigh, Fordingbridge, Lyndhurst, Petersfield, Portswood, Southsea, Ventnor.

Already sold or under offer- Old Basing, Stockbridge, Twyford, Alresford, Weyhill, West Hill (PHQ), Alpha Park, New Milton, Whitehill.

May be sold- Winchester Norh Walls, Basingstoke, Anything where the offer is too good to refuse
December 2012
Home secretary Theresa May has decided to sell the police training centre in Hampshire, where the service has trained officers for almost 60 years

Volvo Amazon from 1960s

Volvo Amazon from 1960s (restoration project)

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Ford Lotus Cortina

 Portsmouth City Police


PC Higman

Do you have items for inclusion on the web site?

The Museum’s Honorary Curator at Netley, Derek Stevens M.Ed, is always pleased to receive new items to add to the collection.

The Society welcomes relevant items for inclusion on these web pages. For instance do you have a report on an interesting police event, an amusing incident or old photographs?


Genealogists can obtain copies of their ancestor’s personnel records in the form of a two-page Examination Book, for the period 1839 to 1926, by visiting or contacting Hampshire Record Office

or by contacting the society;