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British Newspaper Archives – new 2012

Look up news articles  about your police ancestors and what they were doing.

Hampshire Family History Research

Hampshire Family History Research Recommended:

Hampshire On Line Parish Clerk (OPC) Project

Hampshire Parishes Portsea & Portsmouth

Ann Barrett’s Isle of Wight Family History page with list of many former police offciers.

General appeal…

The Society would like to hear from anyone who is researching the history of policing of their Hampshire home town.

Can you help?

Missing memorial

In the 1920s a memorial, in the form of stone pillars, was installed in the entrance steps to the old Headquarters in Romsey Road, West Hill, Winchester. This was in memory of those Hampshire officers who were killed in the Great War and listed their names. The pillars ‘disappeared’ after the old building was demolished in the 1960s – anyone know what happened to it?

Research and help needed…

  • Southampton City Police Records – Derek Stevens.
  • Reprinting General Orders – Derek Stevens.
  • The murder of Vera Glasspool 1917 – Cliff Williams.
  • Car Jacking incident in Andover 1938 involving Sgt James Hennon and PC Alexander Brodie. Main offender Andrew Vanderburg received 10 yrs penal servitude for this – Cliff Williams.

Policing Gosport in the 1800s

A mystery – was there another police force operating in the town? The latest news is, ‘yes there was.’ It was Metropolitan police officers, living in Gosport, policing the naval establishments, either the Portsmouth Dockyard or the newly established naval bases on the Gosport aside of the harbour.

Research – History of Law and Order/Policing in Andover 1800 – 1967

Cliff Williams at Headquarters, Winchester, is researching the History of Law and Order/Policing in Andover 1800 – 1967 and would welcome opportunity to hear from those who served in Andover during that period.