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Jim Browns’s latest book, ‘Lukcy Jim.’

Jim joined Southampton County Borough Police in 1952 and served as a beat officer, police motor cyclist, detective and one of the first scenes of crime officers. He has given an accurate factual account, warts and all, of how Southampton was policed in the 1950’60s. The behaviour of officers in this period, both supervising and subordinate, reflected the age.

It was a different post-war world with vastly different standards. Modern officers do not behave in this way; they are governed by different criteria and Jim’s account makes this clear. Zero tolerance was the norm and the protection of the law-abiding public the overriding concern of every officer, but their behaviour when carrying this out would often be completely unacceptable today. The reader will appreciate the strengths of the old-fashioned policing methods, as well as the weaknesses and serving officers will be staggered by the differences and the absence of modern technology.

Motoring History – ‘From T Ford to T5’

The book follows the development of the Police car from the very early days through to the latter part of the 20th Century, from the Model T Ford to the Volvo V70 T5.

Unlike most previous Police vehicle publications that give a general overview of vehicles used by various Police forces in the UK, with captioned photographs, this new publication concentrates on just one force – Hampshire.

Long recognised as one of the pioneering forces in the UK as far as its transport policy is concerned, this book charts the development, by decade, of the cars used, the advances in technology, performance, equipment and livery. Hampshire was criticised at the highest levels of government in the 1960s and 70s when it dared to purchase foreign cars for the first time.

Read all about the politics involved, the funding, the personalities who shaped Hampshire’s transport policy and the reasons behind it all. You will also learn about servicing methods and how the force’s mechanics made their own component parts because the manufacturers either couldn’t or wouldn’t. There is also a fascinating insight to the types of fuel used from four star leaded to the Diesel Fuel Project and the use of electric patrol cars.

The book opens with two chapters on the old city forces of Portsmouth and Southampton. There are separate chapters on the trial cars tested over the years and on restored Hampshire cars and diecast models depicting vehicles used by the force.

Night Traffic Patrol alongside the M3

Night Traffic Patrol alongside the M3

This is as close to a definitive history as you are likely to find, illustrated with over 360 photographs, together with amusing anecdotes about the failings of some of the cars used!

Retired traffic officer Steve Woodward:
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ISBN 1-904408-05-2