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2008 Recently published by Phillimore and the HC History Society
a reprint of the illustrated 1966 book by Ian A. Watt

A History of the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Constabulary 1839 – 1966

Available from local bookshops or on Amazon worldwide. ISBN 1-86077-383-4


Policing in the 19th Century

Whitway Petty Sessions held on Tuesday May 25th. 1868,

before Wm Fox, Esq.

William Moss brought up in custody, charged with begging on the 24th inst, at Kingsclere. P.C. 46 Kearl said that he was on duty in Kingsclere on Sunday last in plain clothes. The prisoner came to him and asked for alms, when he took him into custody and charged him with begging.

The magistrates asked him what he had to say for himself when he stated that he had been at work with a threshing machine lately, but had his clothes stolen from him, and he could not now get employment.

He belonged to Highclere, his mother when he was about four years old, put him down at the Union Workhouse gate at Kingsclere and left him there he was taken into the Union and dragged up there.

The magistrates told him that he ought to be better employed than begging and sentenced him to 14 days imprisonment at Winchester.

Job Rawlins, ash gatherer, of Tadley, was summoned for leaving his horse and cart on the highway at Baughurst, causing an obstruction. Ordered to pay 10s,(50 pence)  which was paid. more…

Research: Andy Reid