Original Gosport PS in Upper South Street was ‘destroyed by enemy action’ on the 27th February, 1941.


Gosport Journal, Hampshire Telegraph & Post – Friday, February 28, 1941

Prisoner Rang When Bomb Fell

Men on duty at a south coast town police station on Wednesday waited apprehensively when they heard the scream of a bomb and felt the building rock from the explosion. But they did not find the crater until a prisoner in the cells rang his bell and told them the missile had fallen in the courtyard outside his window.

The upper story of the station was wrecked, and the police court was also wrecked, whilst the men’s quarters were rendered uninhabitable. No one was hurt.

Another bomb which fell in an adjacent car park, wrecked the Magistrates’ Clerk’s office and splintered every window in the neighbourhood. A walnut tree in the garden of the Ministry of Labour Exchange, also in this neighbourhood, was snapped off close to the ground, and the Exchange buildings badly shaken.

A building, formerly used as a malt-house, was damaged, and several cottages suffered. Many people had narrow escapes, but the casualties numbered only two. Bombs were dropped by a German aircraft which flew over a South Coast village Wednesday night. They all fell in open ground, and apart from a few broken windows in houses some distance away, no damage was caused.

(subject to war time censorship)

Staff then moved to a temporary station at 20 Bury Road until 1957, when new station opened, back in South Street. The Magistrates Court hearings were held in the Nicholson Hall, Bury Road, during this period.


Hants. Constabulary, September 1924 Gosport Division

Back Row –  PC J H Tyrell, PC A F Southwell, PC W L Edwards, PC A W Kemp,
PC F Street PC A Parmenter,  PC W H Longman, PC E J Cutler, PC A Gallop 
2nd Row – PC A Woodland, PC W C Giles,  PC T H  Bulpit, 
Sergt L B Wren, PC L Goff, PC W Knight, PC G L Carter
1st Row – PC W D  Seamark, PC A Moody, Sergt F Carr, Supt. J Abel, 
Sergt. F J Allen, PC E E Andrews, PC F C Britton

Gosport 2005

Gosport 2005


Gosport officers – early 1900s above

Note: two officers are wearing a striped ‘on duty’ wrist band. Officers would travel to and from work in uniform, and wear them on their days off. Rremoving the band would put them, ‘off duty’ in the eyes of the public.

In 1887 the police station address was, Upper South Street:

The Superintendent was G. Catchlove
with Sergeants J. Gibson and E. Wyatt and fourteen constables

1887 Gosport police from Chamberlain’s street directory

1. H. Stocker, 4 Albert St., Forton Rd
2. J. Driver, 1 West Block, Avenue Road, Stoke Rd
3. S.E. Sanders, 5 West Block, Avenue Road
4. J. Cutler, 13 West Block, Avenue Road
5. W. H. Wilson, 17 West Block, Avenue Road
6. G.T. Marshall, 6 North West Block, Avenue Road
7. J. Banks, 1 Charles Street, Clayhall
8. E. Lane, 4 Charles Street
9. E. J. Hoskins, 6 Charles Street, Gosport
10. J. Tizard, 9 Charles Street, Gosport
11. R. Franklin, 2 Clayhall
12. J. Wall 1 Clayhall nr. Adele’s Cott

13. George Sawkins, Ferrol Buildings, Forton Road
14. John Fry 26 Ferrol Buildings, Forton
15. George Emms, 31 Ferrol Buildings, Forton
16. J. Griffin, 3 Alma Place, Forton Road
17. R. Cousins, 4 Wellington Place, Forton Road
18. H. Melville, 4 Queens’s Terrace, Forton Road
19. C.T. Peters, 4 Tollgate, Brockhurst PC
20. A.Cox, 1 Holly Street, Stoke Road
21. J. Horrocks, 22 New Road, Molesworth Road
22. W. Ware, 4 Oak Street, Stoke Road
23. Baker, 31 Park Street Forton Road
24. T.Scammel, 1 Victoria Place, Stoke Road
25. G.Shirley, 13 Victoria Place, Stoke Road

Update – It now appears that the ‘extra’ constables living in Gosport were Metropolitan officers policing Portsmouth Dockyard and the naval establishments being relocated to the Gosport side of the harbour.


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Surviving Metropolitan Police records from the 19th. century are held at The National Archives, Ruskin Avenue, Kew (formerly The Public Record Office). The Metropolitan Police hold various finding aids and are normally able to provide basic details of service for officers who served to pension – no promises are made where officers served for shorter periods of time!

The Metropolitan Police are happy to search their records and will provide enquirers with whatever information is available – including required NA references. No charge is made for this service at the present time. Written enquiries should be addressed to: Metropolitan Police Archives, Wellington House, 67 – 73 Buckingham Gate, London SW1E 6BE.

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Joiner’s Registers 1830 – 1857 & 1878 – 1933
Registers of Leavers 1889 – 1947
Certificate of Service Records 1889 – 1909
Pension Registers 1852 – 1970
Deaths whilst serving 1829 – 1889
Local constables sworn in to act 1839 – 1876
within the Met.
Police Orders 1857 – 1970
1887 Data from:

‘Chamberlain’s – Portsmouth Directory 1887-1888’

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Gosport Kelly’s Street Directory 1930s