PC 66 Robert George Poore

Born 1868
Portsmouth City Police

PC Poore Portsmouth police

Joined Portsmouth Borough Police 1893. 

After he  retired (1919) on a pension of 33 shillings a week, worked as a bank messenger. As a bank messenger on 25th  April 1932 he was , along with a bank clerk,  attacked by 3 men in Portsmouth who robbed the Bank staff of  a bag containing £23,477. Poore gave chase and jumped on the running board of the get away car. However he was struck by the men and fell off into  the road.

Later the car was found in a lock-up in Southsea and the 3 men identified, arrested and subsequently convicted of the robbery. The money was never recovered. Poore was awarded £5 by LLoyds Bank for his bravery.

Poore died in 1962 age 94