Stockbridge Police Station


Owen Bates writes:


Stockbridge PS

I have attached two photographs.   One of the fire brigade in a procession of sorts, possily the Silver Jubilee in 1935, and behind the old fire engine is the police station as it was.    The second photograph is from the flood of Stockbridge in 1915.   The two white buildings where the man is standing were both demolished for the present day police, the large house was one the old Police Station and housed the Sergeant, whilst the smaller house was the residence of the Constable, according to the 1911 census

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A house in the village named the Sheriff’s House was once the local lock up, boasting two tiny cells for highwaymen and other scoundrels.

At the present time I cannot ascertain when the old building was demolished and the new one built, but the present police station appears to have the design of a late 1940’s/1950’s house.

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