Cowes Police Station, Isle of Wight

Chief Superintendent Fred Hodgson 1978, a legend
John Riddell writes: As an Inspector he ran the Cadet Camps at Brockenhurst in 1962, 1963 & probably beyond. Prior to joining the Police he was a Portsmouth Dockyard Diver when he relied on two men to pump air down to him when working. In consequence he loathed ‘idle men’ as often his supply could be low due to lack of effort above. Consequently he brought that issue into his Police career calling such individuals ‘uniform carriers’ & dealing with them appropriately to their detriment. Concluded his career as Chief Superintendent on the Isle of Wight where he sadly died some years ago.
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This has been the stn since 1900. Before that it was in Sun Hill.
Cowes Pol Stn used to be the HQ for the Isle of Wight Constabulary. It closed its doors to the public last year and will shut altogether either later this year or early next.
There is one cell used for property.