Cosham, Wayte Street

As the Windsor Road Police Station, in Cosham, was cramped in accommodation, a Cosham subsidiary Police Station was reported to be complete and ready for the official opening, the date being fixed for the 20th December 1943.

This Station, off the High Street, Cosham, was indeed opened on this date. But three years later on the 11th June 1946, no order was made regarding an enquiry from estate agents as to the disposal of this secondary Police Station at Spur Road.

Eventually 22 tenders were received for the building of a new Cosham Police Station. The tender from J.H. Day, Farlington for £49,030 was accepted.

July 1952

On the 1st July 1952, this new Cosham Police Station at the junction of Northern Road and Wayte Street, was opened by the Lord Mayor (Alderman Albert Johnson. M. P.).

Retired Chief Inspector, Ian Brett, remembers the week leading up to the opening well, “As, along with 4 others, who were all waiting to go to Sandgate, we were given razor blades and told to scrape off the paint spots, which the painters had left on the heavy duty linoleum flooring in all the rooms.

We did that for 5 days as an introduction to the Police Service. We were, myself PC 171 Brett, PC 172 Jack Hussey (deceased), PC 175 Fred Seymour, who later joined the Mets and became a sergeant and PC Smith”

“Our starting salary was £8-10-0d a week + boot and torch battery allowance. Meal breaks lasted 30 minutes.”

He goes on to add, “In 1952 there were only ever 2 cars in the Cosham yard – the Superintendent’s Morris Minor and an old black Ford Popular which was the CID car!! The cycle racks were, of course, always full. Compare that to the situation today.”

Following the amalgamation of the force, the whole of Portsea Island, with its Police Stations became “K” Division of the new Hampshire Constabulary. Cosham Police Station, being the only such station of the “main land” became part of “J” Division of Havant.