Eastney, Portsmouth

On the 27th March 1906, land fronting Essex Road and Eastney Road, was offered by the executors of the late Sir William Pink, for the sum of £300, for the erection of a Police Station.

It was decided that this piece of land should be brought, in order that a Police Station could be built. The areas of Southsea and Eastney becoming more populous.

So, on the 25th ,June 1907, it was resolved that the plans showing the Police Station at Eastney, should be approved, and sent to the Council, with a recommendation for approval, and that application should be made to the Local Government Board, for sanction to borrow £1,000, the estimated cost of the building. Later, the Council adopted this recommendation.

On the 31 at July 1908, the plans of Eastney Police Station were altered to enlarge 2 rooms, at an increased cost of £300 – the new total was to be £1,700.

By the 28th September 1909, the deputy Borough Engineer reported, as to the near completion of Eastney Police Station, and arrangements he was making, in view of the fact that the contractors had gone into liquidation.

At one time this new Police Station, was manned by a police officer, his wife, and family. This was borne out by the fact that on the 20th May 1919, the Chief Constable reported that Eastney Police Station would be fully opened, as soon as sufficient numbers of members of the Portsmouth Police Force were released from military service.

The situation must have improved, as it was reported that the new Eastney Police Station came into being. It was so comfortably equipped that “The Hampshire Telegraph” reported that it had been dubbed “The Health Resort” by members of the Force. Twenty three members of the Force at this Police Station were responsible for policing this rapidly growing suburb.

Many years later, as the result of streamlining of Police operations in the southern areas of Portsmouth, and the advent of the “panda” cars on “unit beat policing”, meant the closure of Eastney Police Station.

Several articles appeared in the local press, with such headlines as, ”Pandas To Take Over At Eastney” and “Eastney Police Station Closure Riles Councillors”.

However, despite the protests, Eastney Police Station did close and eventually the premises were leased to a Mr. Phillips, engaged in the repair of wheelchairs for the disabled.

Unfortunately, the Police Station was to suffer a similar fate of other such buildings arid it was demolished. The site has never been built on, since that time.