Kingston Crescent

The original Kingston Crescent (Cross) Police Station, made way for the “B” Division Police Station (Fratton) in Kingston Crescent. 

When the former opened it cost £2,875 and it included a Corporation Library. The Division at that time was known as “D” Division, and had a strength of sixty one.

On the 3rd July 1948, the Library and Museum’s Committee, were of the opinion that the Chief Constable would have less difficulty than the City Librarian, in finding alternative accommodation for the Police Stations in Albert Road, and Kingston Crescent and that the Libraries Committee were in urgent need of the accommodation now being used by the Police at these premises.

The Committee passed a resolution that the matter be referred back to the Watch Committee, with a suggestion that the Chief Constable seek alternative accommodation now occupied by them, made available for the City Librarian. The Chief Constable was requested to look into the matter, as to the possibility of other suitable accommodation being made for these two Police Stations.

The opening of the new Kingston Crescent Police Station, in Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth in 1962, marked the completion of the re-building programme to the City Police Stations, which had been going on since immediately after the end of World War II.
The Station had been built at a cost of more than £87,000 – a far cry from the £2,875 spent to build the former Kingston Cross Police Station (above).

Kingston Crescent Police Station was to undergo vast alterations, being extended to the rear and above the premises. Eventually it was to become the Divisional Headquarters of ‘K” Division of the Hampshire Constabulary, following the amalgamation of the force.