New Road, Portsmouth

In 1873 the Council decided to build a Buckland Police Station, at the junction of New Road and Kingston Road.

One speaker stated that at that time the Policeman for the area had a five mile beat and if he apprehended anyone and marched him to the Landport Police Station, the district would be unguarded for hours.

Another speaker, who suggested that a site near Kingston Cross would be more suitable, was ignored.

The Lock-up would be used to keep the prisoner, until the constable was relieved. He would then take the prisoner with him to Landport.

The estimated cost of the Buckland Police Station was £220.

In 1896 the Buckland Police Station was replaced by the Kingston Cross Police Station.

As far as it is known, no photographs exist of the lock-up, although the building itself is still in existence today. At one time the premises were used as a cake shop belonging to a well known bakery firm in Portsmouth.

Nowadays the building is used as offices for a local estate agents.