Mobile police stations, Portmouth

The story of Portsmouth’s Police Stations would not be complete without mentioning mobile Police Stations, arid other buildings of a similar nature, used by the Police in Portsmouth.

On the 4th September 1945, the Chief Constable suggested that during the August Bank Holiday week-end, that a mobile Police Station should operate from Southsea Esplanade, just east of the Rock Gardens. He suggested that a suitable coach should be purchased from the Royal Navy.

On the 7th May 1946, it was decided that such a Mobile Police Station should operate during the summer months at South Parade Pier, at an approximate cost of £200.

This suggestion must have been agreed, as on the 11th June 1946, the Chief Constable raised no objections to the ‘Daily Mail” newspaper taking photographs of this mobile Police Station.

Many years later, a similar scheme was put into operation with a mobile Police Station, being based at Southsea Police Station in Albert Road, Southsea

Other schemes put into operation to cope with the vast influx of visitors to Southsea sea front, during the summer months, was the building of the Southsea Police sub-Station. This sub-station was situated east of the “D’ Day Memorial Gardens, alongside the office used by the inspectors of the City of Portsmouth Passenger Transport Department.

This sub-station was used by Police officers detailed for “Sea Front Duties” which included one PC. on traffic duty on the road outside the steps to South Parade Pier, and four other officers on patrol, working two on 8 am – 4 pm and two on 4 pm. to 12 midnight duty, on alternative weeks.

To assist Police officers on a similar duty, this time 10 am – 6 pm. duty at St.George’s Road, Eastney, a spare key to the St. John’s Ambulance First Aid Hut, situated at this junction, was kept inside the Police pillar at St.George’s Road, East.